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Latest Company Case About What Are The Styles Of Walk In Shower Tray?
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What Are The Styles Of Walk In Shower Tray?

 Latest company case about What Are The Styles Of Walk In Shower Tray?

The walk-in shower has become the first choice for many people to decorate, and there is a good reason - Walk In Shower Tray is spacious (but still suitable for small space), fashionable and easy to use. Thanks to anti fouling and moisture-proof tiles, the space is easy to keep clean. From shower heads to steam baths, they offer a wide range of possibilities. And, most importantly, no matter what you like, they can create a unique space in any bathroom.
Although the size of the walk-in shower will depend on the available area of the bathroom, the owner will have a lot of room for decoration in the custom design, and a good design will add a lot of color to your house. You can:
Choose the color and type of floor and wall.
Choose to install glass panels or even glass blocks on one or more sides.
Choose a shape. Geometries such as square, rectangular and hexagonal lines are popular, but if you have enough floor space, you can choose almost any wall shape - even curved walls - and don't forget to leave enough space between the new shower and the dresser or toilet.
Create shower rooms that meet ADA recommendations to accommodate people with mobility disabilities. For walk-in showers, ADA recommends a minimum size of 36 inches × 36 inches, with one bench attached to a wall. ADA recommends a minimum size of 30 inches if the shower can accommodate roll in shower chairs × 60 inches for easy access.
Walk in showers are generally judged to be modern. To be sure, the open and thoughtful design makes it modern, but you can match the walk-in shower with other houses. Whether it's modern style or the classic space with eclecticism, it can fit perfectly.
Modern style
Walk in showers are usually open and are good at using straight geometry, such as rectangles. The simple and thoughtful decoration of the ledge makes the whole look very delicate, so it is very suitable for modern design. You can emphasize the modern style of shower by choosing the geometry of square shower head. Alternatively, you can play visual games with clear lines and use relatively neutral background blocks to emphasize the size and openness of the shower. Use contrasting shapes for visual appeal.
Traditional style
If you like a more traditional style, please rest assured that the walk-in shower is still applicable. In general, the traditional style will install glass around the shower (especially in the case of small space). The shower will be located in a specific area, and then the creation of a traditional style bathroom will depend on the decorative elements of the rest. Use traditional hardware to emphasize your decor style, such as adding retro decor items, such as posters and a separate foot bath (if there is space).